Tips for Choosing the Right Hot Water Tank

Choosing the right hot water tank for your home the first time around saves plenty of headache, hassle, money, and potential damage to your home. The cost of the hot water tank isn’t cheap, with some costing a few hundred and others costing well into the thousands. Before you head out to make this purchase, it is in your best interest to make sure that you get the best product on the market. Not only is your money at stake, so is the comfort of your family and the structure of your home. Problems with hot water tanks quickly become burdensome, and the wrong hot water heater tank could cost your family triple the money that you could’ve spent.

Before any purchase is made, research is the smart way to make your final decision. This rule applies when the purchase of a hot water tank is on the line. Only a few steps are involved in the hot water tank decision-making process, so don’t worry. In no time at all, with the available tips listed here, you can easily pick and choose the make and model and style any type of hot water heater that is right for your needs.


Numerous hot water heater manufactures are out there and it is valuable for you to take the time to find the best. Learn as much as you can concerning the manufacturers, and ensure that you purchase a quality and trusted name. While purchasing brand name may cost a bit more initially, the extra dollars are well-spent in the long run. If you wish to purchase a tankless system, EcoSmart is one of the best names to keep an eye out for. Other brands that are popular amongst homeowners include GE, Rheem, and Bradford White, although many others exist. There is a brand out there to meet every need and budget.


Do you want a tankless system? Do you prefer the standard hot water heater? Today many different makes and models of hot water heaters are on the market, so choosing isn’t as easy as it was at one time. This is a decision that you will need to make before anything else. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the types, just as you do the brands. Read about gas vs electric hot water tanks. The more that you know, the better the outcome of your purchase. Know the exact type of hot water tank that you want before you make any decisions and you will save both headache as well as money and time.

Hot Water Heater Size

The size of the hot water heater selected matters, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The size of tank varies according to the type purchased, of course, so do keep this in mind as well. Do not determine the hot water tank based solely upon the size of your home. Instead, base your decision on the number of people using the household and the peak amount of water that you are using.

Hot Water Tank Cost

The cost of the hot water heater that you choose is important. Set a budget when you decide that it is time to make this purchase, and still to that amount as closely as you can. But remember, you get what you pay for and when considering costs, that initial money spent shouldn’t be the only determining factor. How much money is the unit going to save you over time? Many units pay for themselves in no time at all. Remember, the cheapest hot water tank doesn’t always mean the worst, while the most expensive doesn’t always guarantee the best.

Consult the Pros

Consulting with a hot water tank expert is always a good idea since they have the expertise and knowledge that you seek. Most of the time, professionals will offer consultations to you at no cost, so why not sit down and talk with the pros to ensure the right model is chosen? Simply choose the pro that you trust the most and in no time at all, your questions, and problems of choosing a hot water tank are solved.


With the Internet easily a few free clicks away, why not use it to learn more about the hot water heaters out there? You can learn more about brands, models, manufactures, and more, all without spending any money. Best of all, you can research day or night. Visit company websites, read reviews, and really get to know the information that you need. There is no charge for any of this information. You will just need to spend a bit of your time researching, and that is time that is well-spent.

Water Heater Features

Features of the hot water heater selected is very important. You need to take the time to review the features and compare them with the needs of your family to ensure they match up. Do you want a hot water heater that is top of the line? Those models are available and usually have the biggest and best features. However, if you are a plain Jane or Jim and prefer something basic, there are plenty of choices for you as well. When choosing the hot water heater, look at the water efficiency that it offers, the amount of money that it can save you, and the fuel type before purchase is made.

The Bottom Line

It would seem that buying a hot water heater is something that is as simple as one, two, three, but sadly, if you want to make the most worthwhile purchase, it takes effort on your part. There are far too many choices to make to head out and purchase the first hot water heater that is out there. Research is easy, and we’ve given you the head start needed to learn more about buying the bet hot water heater above. Use this information to your advantage and in no time at all you will find the perfect hot water heater for your needs. Once you’ve selected the right unit for your home make sure you hire a licensed professional to install it for you. For more information on how DJ Plumbing can assist you please visit our hot water tank installation page.

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