Plumbing Upgrades for Your Metro Vancouver Bathroom & Kitchen

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Maintaining your plumbing system involves far more than regular maintenance visits from a licensed Metro Vancouver plumber (although this is imperative to a well-maintained plumbing system.) In fact, maintaining your plumbing system oftentimes involves upgraded plumbing fixtures. There are an array of options should you want to upgrade the fixtures used in your home. Here we will examine a few of the best ideas for bathroom and kitchen plumbing upgrades.

Metro Vancouver Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades

Upgrading plumbing fixtures in the bathroom provides a more efficient operation and a trendier look that might add value to your home. A few ideas that you can implement:

  • Sink Faucets: Standard bathroom faucets include a single-handle chrome faucet. The design is simple; the functionality is limited. When upgrading the faucet, start with the finish. Many finishes are available to choose from, including Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, and Stainless Steel. After selecting the finish, add a mini wide spread or a widespread faucet. These faucets feature separate handles for hot/cold water and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Brands we recommend are:
  • Toilets: A 1.6 GPF white toilet is standard in most Vancouver bathrooms. These toilets are cheap, but small, and like the standard faucet, aren’t impressive even by a toilet’s standards. Upgrading the toilet with a model featuring an elongated bowl is one idea if space allows. A second toilet upgrade is an ADA-approved lift, providing a bowl measuring 17-inches in height from floor to top of rim. Older individuals especially enjoy the ADA toilet since it minimizes discomfort and pain on the knees and legs. When upgrading your toilet, you’ll find that many styles and colors available. At one time, only round toilets were available but these days you can find toilets available in many shapes. Brands we recommend are:
  • Showers Heads: A chrome finished single-handle shower is standard in most Metro Vancouver homes. When upgrading the shower, function is the first consideration, followed by the finish and the style. Although you want to create magical ambiance in your upgraded style, more important is a shower that provides efficiency. When selecting a finish for your shower, brushed nickel and stainless steel are two of the most common choices. The addition of a handheld shower on a side bard or a holder is another great upgrade. When opting for this upgrade, you’ll need to change the valve to thermostatic mixing valve. These valves use separate volume control and can be complicated to install. Consulting with a professional is a good idea when adding this upgrade to your shower. Upgrade your shower with a steam generator, giving you simple spa-like pleasures each time you bathe. You can use a DVT valve to turn your shower into a phenomenal experience complete with lights, sounds, steam, and water. Brands we recommend are:
  • Tubs: A five to six-foot bathtub is standard in most bathrooms. These tubs are made of enameled steel and set in cast iron. Installing a deeper tub is a common upgrade that many homeowners opt to use since it provides a more relaxing and soothing bath experience. The addition of whirlpool jets is another easy and worthwhile upgrade. The color and tub length are two additional tub upgrades that you can implement in your home. Brands we recommend are:

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Plumbing Upgrades for your Metro Vancouver Kitchen

Your kitchen is a room that should be brilliant, from the design to the set-up and, of course, the plumbing fixtures being used. Just as you’ll find many ways to upgrade fixtures in the bathroom, many ideas exist for the kitchen as well.

  • Kitchen Sink: The 20 -22 gauge drop-in stainless steel sink is found most often in kitchens in the Vancouver area. These sinks are chosen because they’re resistant to corrosion and stains, easy to install, and affordable to purchase. Upgrade the sink with the addition of a cast iron drop-in sink. You’ll find this finish offered in many colors, shapes, and sizes, making it easy to create the bathroom of your desires. Perhaps you’d like to upgrade your sink to an under-mount sink. This model sink is installed with clips underneath the counter. Stainless steel is the most popular upgraded under-mount sink style.  Another option for the kitchen sink is a quartz-based drop-in or under-counter mount sink. You’ll find these sinks available in white, beige, and black colors, each offering durability and style most homeowners crave.
  • Kitchen Sink Faucets: A single-handle chrome faucet is standard in most homes. An upgrade with a side spray is available, or you can upgrade the finish and the style for an entirely new look. Consider a pull-out spout as an upgrade, since they add convenience to your life.
  • Garbage Disposals: Standard kitchen sinks generally do not include garbage disposals. Making the upgrade to a sink that includes a garbage disposal is beneficial, and affordable even if you are working with a limited budget.

Upgrade Your Vancouver Plumbing System

The above fixture upgrades are only a few ideas available. For more information please contact DJ Plumbing & Heating at 778-227-1119 or email [email protected].


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