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Some of the common questions we get asked…

What Is Radiant Heating?

Have you ever enjoyed standing in front of a sunny window on a cold day, soaking up the sun’s warmth? The sun is an excellent example of a radiant heating source. The heat that radiates from the sun is comfortable because it heats objects, including your body, and not the air. The same is true for radiant systems installed in your home.

Radiant heating systems are considered by many as the ultimate form of comfort heating for your home or business. The system consists of a boiler, a pump, manifold, and thermostats that are connected by composite plastic piping that is embedded in your floors or connected to baseboards or radiators located around the outer perimeter of the residence. The energy from heated water in the pipes radiates to the surrounding environment, warming floors, furniture and anyone in the room.

How Does it Work?

For radiant in-floor heating, various sections or “zones” are typically installed, and each zone of the home is on a loop that begins and ends at the boiler in the buildings utility room. Thermostats are installed for each zone and control a manifold connected to the boiler. They are then adjusted to the desired temperature for the room. This set up allows for variations, so that, for example, the bedrooms can be cooler, the bathroom warmer, and the living spaces somewhere in the middle.

Will it leak?

We use only a leak-resistant, non-toxic, high temperature, flexible piping called cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). PEX is durable tubing that doesn’t become brittle over time and isn’t affected by aggressive concrete additives or water conditions. PEX has been used in Europe since the 1970s and was introduced to North America in the early 1980s.

What are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

  • Thermal Comfort: Unlike forced air systems that directly heat the air, radiant floor heating gently warms the surfaces of objects in the room creating a much more comfortable space.
  • Cleaner to Operate: One of the biggest complaints associated with forced air heating is its tendency to distribute dust, odors and germs throughout a house. In contrast to whole house air movement, radiant flooring heating creates very gentle, gradual room air circulation. Many people who suffer from allergies have found that radiant heat doesn’t aggravate the symptoms the way a forced air system often does.
  • Reduces Your Energy Costs: The most compelling benefit of these systems is their ability to save you thousands on your energy costs. Radiant floor heating systems that channel hot water uses a fraction the energy of forced air furnaces and are much more efficient in their operation.
  • A System That’s Out of Sight: Radiant flooring doesn’t come out of a vent or baseboard, so it allows for more flexibility in placing furniture around the room. The system itself is only a fraction of the size of a forced air furnace and is often wall mounted reducing the space it occupies further.
  • A Quieter Option: One of the strengths of a radiant heating system is its ability to deliver heat without delivering noise. The gas burner on the boiler is often the only component that makes any detectable noise, and it’s usually located in the mechanical room away from the occupied spaces

Is Radiant Flooring for You?

According to Statistics Canada, It’s estimated that 80% of homes in BC are heated using either forced air furnaces or electric baseboard heating systems.

The choice to install radiant flooring is dependent on many factors. If you’re happy with the way your home is currently being heated then the cost of installing radiant flooring is likely something you can do without. However, if you were planning on upgrading your heating system, building a new home, completely remodeling an existing property, or you’re thinking of building an addition, radiant flooring is definitely worth considering because these systems are extremely efficient and will cost considerably less to operate in the future.

In addition to huge savings on your heating bill, radiant flooring can be an important selling point when and if you’re trying to sell your home.

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