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Do You Have a Wet Basement, Cracks in Your Foundation? There May Be a Problem With Your Perimeter Drain System or Drain Tile.

When you suspect water is seeping into your basement or crawl space it's absolutely critical to have it diagnosed by an expert. Ignoring the problem can cause extensive damage and can potentially limit your home insurance coverage?

Damp basements are a common problem in the Lower Mainland due to our heavy annual rainfall, especially in older homes. Water seeping into your basement can create problems with mold, damage electrical systems and flooring and if ignored can cause serious issues with the structural integrity of you home.

Did you know that a wet basement could dramatically reduce the value of your home? Studies show that most people won’t even consider buying a home that shows evidence of water damage, and can easily result in as much as a 25% reduction in the sale price.

What is a Perimeter Drainage System?

Most houses built locally, prior to the mid-1980s, have antiquated clay or concrete tile systems that are susceptible to blockage and collapse.

Your drain tile system, sometimes called weeping tile or French drain, is an important line of defense in protecting your home from unwanted water leaks in your foundation and will prevent flooding. It is designed to pull water from the soil accumulating from heavy rainfall and groundwater and carry’s the excess away from your homes foundation.

How does it work? Today’s modern piping is made from perforated plastic, or PVC, and is installed in the ground surround your homes foundation. The pipe is laid to slope away from your home and is connected to your municipality’s main storm drain system. The pipe is sometimes covered with a permeable mesh “sock” which helps to prevent soil from getting into the pipe. It is covered by gravel and then finally backfilled with soil.

Different perimeter drain applications are designed and function using the same principles. The differences come in the materials, shape of the pipe, and most importantly its placement. The main difference in placement is deciding on an interior or exterior installation although the vast majority of homes have a pipes that run along the exterior of the building.

What is the life expectancy of my drain tile system?

Modern drain tile can last for decades. It is one of those systems operating in your home that is often overlooked till something goes wrong. Older homes were equipped with pipes made from clay or concrete and we often see problems with these older systems. When problems begin to show themselves it is important to call in a professional.

At DJ Plumbing & Heating we understand the importance of a properly functioning drain system for your home. Our licensed professionals are experts in perimeter drainage repair and installation and we will be happy to find solutions to eliminate the unwanted water entering your home. For more information give us a call today, 778-227-1119 or send us a note and picture, [email protected].

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