Different Brands of Hot Water Tanks

What brand of hot water tank shall you choose when the time to buy arrives? At one time, the brands available were few and far between, making it a rather simple process. Today, however, tons of brand, makes, and models of hot water heaters exist that choosing is never easy. It is important that you know what you are buying from the start, and part of that involves learning more about the different brand available.

Before you buy a new hot water tank, it is essential that you are familiar with, first and foremost, your needs. Not all hot water heaters are designed for use in every size or style of home. It is important to do plenty of research after you understand your needs. It is imperative that you are aware of the best brands of hot water heaters that are out there as well.

While we couldn’t possibly cover them all here, we will take a look at some of the biggest-selling, most popular models available.


Whirlpool is a household name that people have trusted for their appliance for generations.  Not only does the brand create washers, dryers, rangers, and more, they also create hot water heaters.  Whirlpool hot water heaters are chosen because they provide fantastic value and use and certainly provide what you want and need in a hot water heater. The brand offers the standard hot water heater, which is their most popular-selling machine of all time. Several of the machines are Energy-Star certified (always a plus) and there are several models to choose from. The Whirlpool  brand also offers tankless heaters, hybrid heaters, and others.


Ecosmart is a company offering tankless hot water heaters that work to reduce overall water and energy consumption in your home while providing durable, long lasting tankless units that exceed expectations. With their included Smart Boost feature, you get double the water for the same amount of money. What could be better? Ecosmart offers several tankless models in their product line so there is a product to suit the needs of all individuals. If you are in the market for a tankless hot water heater as many people are, the EcoSmart brand is one that you certainly want to take a close look at.


Rheem is another one of those well-known, trusted hot water heater manufacturers with several other products also offered in their line. Rheem products are made using only the best of parts and products, with extreme craftsmanship put into each hot water tank the brand develops. Rheem proudly offers both residential and commercial water tanks, with a variety of options to cater to the needs of all homeowners. Gas and electric hot water heaters are available, as well as money and energy saving hybrid models. They sell the standard hot water heater more commonly than the rest, but do offer a selection of solar hot water heaters, tankless systems, and others.

Bradford White

No hot water heater discussion is complete without a mention of the Bradford White name. This manufacturer offer a range of hot water heaters for both residential and commercial use, and been a trusted name that people depend upon for some time now. While this is an upscale brand, their hot water heater feature all the extras that you really want in your life. The brand sells Solar-powered, electric, and hybrid models of hot water tanks, with a choice selection of each. Commercial units are also available.  Although your hot water heater comes with a warranty, an extended warranty is available. The purchase of a Bradford White model hot water heater may be the last that you ever make.


The Kenmore brand has been around for many generations and is still trusted by more people than many other brands on the market. Their extensive hot water heater collection ensures that you choose the perfect model, within your budget, to suit the needs of your family or your business.  Th Kenmore brand is sold at several retailers, with your choice of standard, gas, electric, and hybrid models for all needs.

Stiebel Eltron

Yet another top name in the hot water industry is Stiebel Eltron, a company servicing customers since 1924. The US-based company is family owned and operated, offering hot water heaters constructed with high-quality engineering and top-name brand elements. All hot water heaters come with nice warranties that are longer than the usual. Additionally, Stibel Eltron offers several hot water heaters to choose from, each offering its own fantastic features and functions and in different price ranges.

AO Smith

A.O. Smith is a manufacturer of fine hot water heaters for residential and commercial use. You cannot purchase these through the company, however, so need to find a plumbing professional offering the brand if it is the one that you want.  This brand carries most any type of hot water heater that you could need or want, including gas, electric, solar-powered, tankless, boilers, and many others.


GE, or General Electric, is another trusted name creating fine hot water heaters for the budget-conscience consumer. Commercial and residential units are available, each backed by a warranty. Various models and sizes are available, with electric, hybrid, gas-powered, tankless, and other model options available. Home Depot carries the GE hot water heater brand.  Each of the hot water tanks made by GE claims to be the most energy-efficient of them all, dependent upon the size and model that you want.

Final Thoughts

While only a small sampling of the brands of hot water heaters out there today, those listed here are the most trusted, most durable, and most purchased of the names out there. It is worthwhile to consider one of the above brands when you’re in the market for a new hot water heater. Take your time and research each brand listed above and the tanks they offer and in no time at all you will have the perfect tank to accommodate your needs.

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