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Vancouver Boiler Repair, Installation and Maintenance Services

Our skilled technicians have been providing expert boiler replacement, installation, maintenance, and boiler repair in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland for more than 15 years. We are able to provide our customer’s with top quality makes and models to suite your specific needs and budget.

A licensed and certified professional should always handle boiler repairs and installations as improper installation can be extremely dangerous, and can cause serious injury and major damage to your home or business.

In some situations, a boiler that has not been maintained correctly, or is too old, (with parts no longer available,) may need to be replaced with a new system. Give us a call today to book an appointment with one of our technicians. We will perform a thorough inspection to determine whether or not the boiler is cost effective to repair in the long run, or we will make recommendations on a new more efficient system installation.

Signs Your Boiler is in Need of Servicing

Proper maintenance on your heating system is essential to keep your family safe, warm and comfortable through the winter months.

In order to keep your boiler unit in good working condition, and operating safely and efficiently, it is extremely important that basic system maintenance is performed at regular intervals. Our Vancouver boiler service technicians can perform an annual inspection of your unit to ensure it's properly functioning. The age of your boiler system is important, as over time your home's boiler system gets a lot of wear and tear. We recommend annual servicing for newer models and bi-annually for older systems, as they are prone to frequent repairs and issues. Failing to maintain your system can result in breakdown, higher energy bills, costly repairs and dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Contact us at 778-227-1119 for prompt Vancouver boiler repair or maintenance.

Does my boiler need to be repaired? Call us today if you notice any of these symptoms:

Unusual odors: If you smell a strong metallic, or gas smell coming from your utility room there is a good chance your system has developed a leak. Carbon Monoxide leaks are harder to detect and can be fatal. It is critical that you call in a professional immediately if you notice anything unusual about the way your system is functioning.

You begin to notice cold spots in your home or lack of hot water: Over time your boiler can have issues with sludge and muck that builds-up causing your system to shut down.

Unusual noises: such as banging or clunking sounds is a definite sign your boiler is in need of repair. Iron deposits causes unequal dispersal of water causing the boiler to make unusual noises.

Things You Can Do at Home to Help Maintain Your Heating System

Bleeding your radiator and supply hoses: this helps to release air trapped in your system and makes your unit much more efficient. If you begin to notice that your rooms take an unusually long time to warm up, this may be the reason.

Turn the heat on! It is a good idea to turn your heat on at least once a month, even in the summer. Especially in older models, boilers can over time, clog up with sludge and grime. Running the system often will help to eliminate these types of issues and the need of costly repairs, especially if your boiler is more than 10 years old.

Understand what pressure your boiler needs to be running at: Every boiler is different. That is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on the pressure gauge. Read through your owner’s manual to find out what pressure your boiler need to running at to maintain efficiency.

Get an annual inspection from a certified technician. The best time to get an inspection is in early fall, September – October.

Clear objects away from the boiler: It is a good idea to keep your utility room clean and free from objects that could damage your boiler. These objects could potentially catch fire. (Note: Keeping the area clean will also be helpful in the event of a disaster as it will make it easier for a technician to get to your system).

Is it Time to Replace the Heating System in Your Home?

The average boiler available on the market can come in a wide range of sizes to suit any application, New boilers are between 80% and 98% efficient, and can save you up to 40% on your utility costs.

Choosing the right system for your home is an important investment, as it can add tremendous value to your home and save you thousands on your yearly energy cost. Contact us to book an inspection and to find out more about the different heating systems available for your Metro Vancouver home to suit your needs and budget. Call us today 778-227-1119 or send us a note at [email protected].

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