Best Places to Eat in Coquitlam

Best Places to Eat in CoquitlamAt DJ Plumbing we love to eat! After a hard day on the job we like to kick back and enjoy some of the good eats the city has to offer. To see a full list of our services click here. Restaurant tours and food trips have to be one of your top 5 things to do when you visit Coquitlam! The city is not just a place for fantastic outdoor activities but also a home for delicious restaurant dish and unique food to try. In 2009, Coquitlam was renowned as the Cultural Capital of Canada. Thus, the town’s restaurants and dishes will be representing numerous cultural influences. You’ve got tons of meal and restaurant options – you can have Asian themed menus, traditional grills, pubs, bars, dine-out restaurants, delivery options – all having different cultural representation.

The Wild Fig Restaurant

Located in the Executive Plaza Hotel, the restaurant’s menu is carrying a large meal option of international dishes from delicate Asian tastes to more of European-flavored dishes. Headed by the award-winning Chef Boban Kovachevic, you will surely never forget the taste of their meal made from the local ingredients creating unique food flavoring and combination giving off colorful and tasteful mouthwatering taste. Their best-sellers include breaded coconut prawns, zinfandel lamb shank, charbroiled baseball steak, and Yakitori CAB beef New York strips. Of course, they also have a menu reserved for your sweet cravings such as chocolate eruption and tangy lychee sorbetto. A meal would not be complete without being accompanied by their extensive selection of cocktails, wines, and liquors. Not just the food is great, but the place is also perfected by its trendy color decorations and furnishings. There is more, a live entertainment every once a week is also held in the restaurants showcasing local artists. What beats a good food plus a good music?

Nagano Japanese Restaurant

Anyone craving for Asian cuisine? Get transported to Asian feels when you eat at Nagano Japanese Restaurant. By the decorations and their delicious meal, you will feel like you are in Japan. The restaurant has comfortable dining area and a beautiful patio space for those who feel like feeling a fresh breeze. The best cuisine in their menu consists of some of the Japan’s favorite meals such as sushi, teriyaki, sukiyaki, tempura, and a variety of barbecued dishes.


For those who are in love with Filipino cuisine, Kulinarya is the best restaurant to try. The restaurant cooks traditional Filipino dishes using a Pinoy style of cooking techniques. Their ingredients boast the freshest meat and vegetable which are sourced locally. Kulinarya envisions family to eat and share stories together just like the old times before the boom of technological advancements. Some of the delectable dishes they have include, beef nilaga, Beef kare-kare with vegetable in a peanut sauce, manok sa gata, chicken adobo, sizzling sisig of crispy minced pork which you have to mix with a raw egg while it still sizzles in the plate. All their dishes can be accompanied by Filipino style beverages such as calamansi juice.

The Golden Boot Caffe

The home of Italian cuisine, Golden Boot Caffe is run by chef David Azzi who showcases the unique Northern Italian flavorings. Their menu is obviously a great collection of Italian dishes such as pasta – spaghetti carbonara, tagliatelle gamberoni, and veal and spinach cannelloni, various selection of freshly made pizzas, special meat dishes and of course delectable sweet desserts.

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