DJ Plumbing and Heating is an established Metro Vancouver company with over 15 years of quality craftsmanship, experience and dedication to customer satisfaction. We offer experienced, hands-on plumbing, heating, gas, drainage and sewer services for your residential, commercial, institutional and strata needs. It’s our mission to provide you with a friendly and professional service while keeping our rates fair and affordable. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it with us.

All of our technicians are licensed, insured and bonded. We are a member of the BBB and in covered by WorkSafe BC. Because of our experience, DJ Plumbing and Heating is able to effectively service and maintain a wide variety of plumbing and heating projects. We can set up and install the fixtures and framework for everything from drain tile to kitchen sinks. Plumbing isn’t our only service though; we also specialize in heating for external or internal use. We provide routine strata maintenance as well for properties looking to sustain a functioning, efficient plumbing, heating, gas, sewer or drainage system.

We strive to work with all client bases, including but not limited to: general plumbing work, homeowners, stratas, property managers, builders, commercial clients, and more.

If you’re in need of maintenance, installation, or repair we offer affordable services and quality care. We also provide 24-hour emergency service for all of your plumbing, heating, gas, sewer and drainage needs. Please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at (778) 227-1119.

Of our features, we pride ourselves on:

  • Trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability. We don’t deceive our consumer base with hidden fees or sudden charges. We’re forward and give you what you expect. We’ll guide you step by step on how we approach the job, no matter what it is, so you know precisely what you’re getting.
  • Affordability. We understand home maintenance costs are pricey through mainstream companies. This is especially the case for damaged pipes or plumbing work. However, at DJ Plumbing and Heating we want to work with you, and you offer you a long list of affordable options to keep your plumbing, heating, gas, sewer and drainage systems running properly. Or, if you’re installing new heating systems or the like, our prices for the job will keep your wallet happy.
  • Quality craftsmanship. Our extensive background in handling all things plumbing assures you get the finest standard in repair, preventative maintenance and installation. Our employees are trained and educated in servicing the major components to your home, commercial or intuitional building: plumbing, gas, heating, sewer and drainage. We pride ourselves on handling both repair and installation jobs, in any part of the house, custom fit for your needs. Essentially, we treat your home as carefully as you would.
  • Experience. We were started by a self-made success story who became a veteran of the plumbing industry, learning the trade while servicing the Vancouver area. DJ Plumbing and Heating prides itself on these principles, and our employees are all licensed to perform any plumbing service or maintenance. Experience allows us to encounter different problems and approach them from unique angles, assuring no job is too difficult. With DJ Plumbing and Heating, you’ve got experts on your side.
  • Attention to detail. We know what to look for, we know what to expect with a leaky pipe or what to do when unexpected situations arise occur during a service call. We also know how to make sure every step of the installation or repair is one hundred percent accurate and quality driven. With DJ plumbing, nothing is out of place because we’re sure to check our methods, and then double check. It’s the kind of service you can expect from a company that cares.


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